What Is Bioterrorism?

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Bioterrorism From the definition of bioterrorism which according to CDC (2012) which is the deliberate act of releasing bacteria, viruses or any other forms of germs or pathogens (agents) into the atmosphere that are aimed at causing sickness and /or death to people, animals or the plants. It is the use of agents that are naturally found but their nature is altered to cause disease or to be resistant to the current medication. These are the choice of many terrorists since they are extremely hard to detect. From this view, it is not viable to categories the use of nuclear and radiological agents under the bioterrorism since these are elements that are manufactured and not found naturally and they cause death by impact and reaction with the human system not causing disease but incapacitating the body. The reason why the use of biological weapons for terrorism could be a choice f or many people is due to the fact that they are elements that are difficult to detect in the air without a biological experimentation and test. The human body through its senses cannot detect the presence of these agents hence forming the perfect agent for terrorists as they can kill people without them knowing that they are in contact with the agents of death. The other reason is due to the ease in obtaining these elements then alter them to be harmful. The fact that they can easily spread even through air also makes them a weapon of choice since they can be passed from one person to another or
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