What Is Blood Chemistry?

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What is blood chemistry?
Blood chemistry or blood test is identifying the different levels of chemical ingredients found in the blood. The analysis of these substances provides clues to a patient’s condition and the functioning of the major body systems such as, blood sugar levels, liver functions, essential nutrients etc. This helps doctors in diagnosing the patient’s conditions much easier and quicker.

What is the blood made of?
The blood is categorised as a connective tissue which is one of the primary tissues found in our bodies. Connective tissue are made of tendons and ligaments that connect the tissue together, as well as bone and cartilage to support the body. This is why connective tissues are described as tissues that protect organs and maintain the form of the body. Blood is classified as this type of tissue because the blood has the same origin as the other connective tissue types and the other reason is because the body like the tissue connects the systems of the body together transporting nutrients, energy, and excreting waste products.

The 2 main areas of Blood?
The first one is called plasma is the largest section of your blood is made up mostly of water in the intravascular fluid (inside the blood vessels) of the extravascular cell (around the outside of the cell). The main functions of this plasma is to transport nutrients such as, proteins, amino acids, gasses throughout the body. Because the plasma consist of mostly water it is easier for the…
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