What Is Business Ethics

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What is ‘business ethics?’
Ethics, the search for ‘a good way of being’ for a wise course of action as it could be practiced by business firms is called business ethics. Ethics is business deals with the ethical path business firms ought to adopt. Afflicting the least suffering to humans and the nature in its entirety, achieving the greatest net benefit to the society and economy enriching the capability of the system in which it is functioning, being fair in all its dealings with its proximate and remote stakeholders, being prepared to correct its mal-habits and nurturing and enduring virtuous corporate character in totality, can be called business ethics. (Salehi & Saeidinia, 2012)
Literature review
“Ethics is not definable, is not implementable, because it is not conscious; it involves not
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This is very much attached with the human resources section of a company. Some of them are,
Ethics involves to basic human needs. In business ethics I is very important because a manager’s decision would affect most of people’s life. Most of the human resources managers face these problems. When HR manager’s response to honest and beneficial to the society automatically everybody will be happy and the managers can be proud about their decisions. This will lead a company success.
Values create creditability with the public. The public think a company to be ethically nourished. Society respect the companies that have ethical values among them. All the companies value the money at first. Public problems would be solved greatly.
Valued give the management creditability with its employees. The leader and the other people should be in the same platform. Without having problems with employees if a manager can take decision people will respect him/her. Only the business strategies and benefits cannot win employees creditability. There should be good attitude among managers to uplift a
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