What Is Care For Nursing?

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What is care in nursing? To me care in nursing is being empathetic to patients’ feelings, and providing the patient care like the professional caregiver would find beneficial. First of all, the term and meaning of caring in nursing can have a universal commonality which the giver of care is the nurse, and the receiver is the patient (Tonges, M., & Ray, J. 2011). Second, there were findings by (Butts, J. B., & Rich, K., MN., 2011), which “caring is a belief or value (Watson, 1979, 1985, 1990), an intention, a process (Swanson, 1991), and a way of being human (Roach, 1987) that enhances personhood (Boykin & Shoenhofer, 1993) and leads to feeling cared for, which is a precursor to optimal health outcomes (Duffy, 2009; Duffy & Hoskins, 2003). It has been the subject of much focus in nursing for the last 30 years, having been described as the “moral ideal of nursing” (Watson, 1985, p. 29), and used to guide research, develop measurements, lead, educate, and practice professionally (Duffy, 2009). Some nurses have contended that caring is the essence of nursing (Leininger, 1984; Watson, 1979, 1985). When caring is present in the patient–nurse relationship, they say, health outcomes are enhanced (Duffy, 2009),(Butts,2011).” Next, as a provider, caring about a patient’s health and well-being is a top priority. There should be mutual care and respect between the caregiver and patient. In order for the patient to receive maximum health benefits, the caregiver must be caring and
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