What Is Child Welfare?

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The term child abuse encompasses any kind of physical or emotional mistreatment of children. It can happen in any place that is associated with a child like home, school or community. The non government and statutory child welfare organizations play an important role for care and protection of children. It is their responsibility to duly respond to concerns of children, assure them safety and protection of their rights, and provide care for the abused children away from home. The rate of child abuse has grown significantly all over the world and this is a matter of grave concern and has imposed great strains on the child welfare agencies and has raised urgent questions on how to deal with the problem with permanent solutions. The alarming growth…show more content…
The administrators of public social service state that “child protection is child welfare” (Gilbert, 1997, p.3). The child and family services are trying to solve family problems while the large and small child welfare agencies are promoting newer strategies and technologies to cope with the problem. It is believed that some important changes are required in some fields like “funding to be more flexible and available for services, fuller implementation of community-based Alternative Response Systems, subsidized kinship care, subsidized guardianship, and the advancement of post-permanent services” (Pecora et al. 2009,…show more content…
While child abuse can have extreme adverse effect on the developmental stage of a child, its impact can manifest in the long run throughout the adult years. Most often it has been seen that parents who indulge in abusing their children do not react positively to treatments, and once such abusing becomes an established pattern of parenting, things become difficult to control (Geeraert et al., 2004). Child abuse in the forms of physical or sexual abuse, and neglect can be the result of combination of multiple factors that can affect the relationship at the root between the child and its parents, environment and peers. The impact on the child can be long term and its severity depends upon the perpetrator’s gender, intensity of the abuse, and the age of the child at the time of
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