What Is Chimpanzees Like Humans

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INTRODUCTION Chimpanzees are the closest living relatives to humans.They are some of the only animals who have thumbs and are able to grasp things almost as well as humans. There overall anatomy is what also shows their similarity to us. They, just like humans, have two arms, two legs, and one head. Chimpanzees are known for their unbelievable strength and intelligence, which has led them to be a popular research topic. They can be found in environments such as rainforests and savannahs across west and central Africa. These primates have been observed for many years and have undoubtedly proven their intelligence and unique culture. Chimpanzees can attribute their evolutionary success to their ability to use tools, adapt to their environment, and to pass on things they have learned from generation to generation.…show more content…
2. TOOL MANUFACTURING AND USE AMONG COMMON CHIMPS Tool use is very common among chimps. Jane Goodall was able to make fascinating discoveries of tool use among chimps in the wild. According to the article “Design Complexity in Termite-Fishing Tools of Chimpanzees” Jane Goodall observed a chimp ripping leaves off of a stick to use to catch termites. By ripping the unwanted leaves off of the stick the chimp was able to fit the stick in a hole in the termite mound and let the termites crawl all over it. The chimp could then eventually pull the stick out very carefully and eat the termites much more efficiently.
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