What Is Christology? Often People Who Know The Lord As

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What is Christology? Often people who know the Lord as savior do not know the doctrine or the proper doctrine of Christ and its vital importance to defending our faith and most importantly defending the true attributes and works of our God. Churches around the world have different definitions of Christology corrupting Christology and the way which we view God. The true definition of Christology is the study of Jesus Christ’s person, nature (who He is) and work (what He did/does). If we are guilty of corrupt thinking in this area, then all our doctrines will be corrupt as well.
The person of Christ is quite an interesting thing to know. Did you know that Christ is pre-existent? Before earth and before man was ever created, Christ was.
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“In general, Wesley answer is this: Christ came in the flesh because God decreed it from all eternity.” (Deschner18) If God did not become man He would not be able to die, and if he were not able to die our sin would not be payed for. Christ was both God and man. “Christ became at the same time and in the absolute sense very God and very man”. (Chafer 56) He had attributes of both God and Man God was born in sin but He was not of sin. You see sin is passed down generations through the father, but God was not created through man but through a perfect God in a virgin’s womb allowing an eternal God become a perfect man. Now this also proves God’s humanity; God was called man. He even had attributes of man, Christ ate, slept, and He was born from a woman, and he died.
Now you are probably thinking ‘now, wait just a second, what about when Christ came to earth He was bound by time.’ Correct! Christs’ nature being so perfect, He as all man do, came into the world being birthed by a woman (the incarnation of Christ), but the difference between Him and us is very clear. Christ was not conceived by man but He was conceived by the virgin Mary through the Holy spirit, thus why his human nature was so perfect. Christ was Not created by man (sinners) but by the Holy spirit which perfect (sinless) using Mary’s womb as a “Vessel” The incarnation of Christ is important because this is when Jesus becomes man this allows Christ to be
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