What Is Client Centered Theory?

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Person- Centred Theory In about 1950 years two psichologist Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow create a new view in human which was called humanism psychology. It being totally different from other psychology branches like psychoanalysis and behaviourism. One of the most widely known humanistic psychology method created by Carl Rogers is called client-centred therapy: when a therapeutist is applying techniques, such as active listening, making an empathic, sincere and calming environment for the client‘s development. Implementing Client-Centred therapy a psychotheraphist has to focus on the client‘s conscious understanding instead of interpreting his opinion. This is why client-centred therapy is also called non-directive therapy. The aim of Person- centred approach is to create atmosphere where everyone could find the way how to reach the harmony of their internal world . According to Carl Rogers, the client know best where the hurt comes from and how to deal with it so that is the reason why client is the centre of everything and counsellor is just a companion who help client in finding their wisdom how to interpreter feelings and understand self-concept. Active listening allows to creat a relationship between counsellor and the client. Counsellors try to empathetically listen and repeat what the client said by paraphrasing, summarising and asking open questions. The silence that occurs whilst making this type of relationships give clients the opportunity to understand their
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