What Is Climate Change?

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What is climate change? Climate change in its simplest form is usually described as the average weather in a place from year to year. It consists of patterns related to temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind and of course seasons. These patterns play a crucial role in the shaping of natural ecosystems, the human health, the economy and its cultures because they depend on them. Our climate has become so unpredictable due to its fluctuations in temperature. It is rapidly changing with disruptive impacts, and that change is progressing faster than we’ve ever seen before. Though changes vary from place to place entire communities are at risk because individuals are the ones that have to deal with the aftermath of these
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Monsoon rains are basically heavy rains that accompany the seasonal wind shift of Asia that blows from the southwest in summer. However, with temperature fluctuation the city also faces pollution problems. High humidity in the region doesn’t permit evaporation of water in some places, while fumes from factories and automobiles contribute to the air pollution, despite the fact that there are land and sea breezes.
The cultural and social activities in Karachi revolve around religion. The population is almost entirely Muslim, but there is also a small group of Christian, Hindu, amongst other minorities. The industry consists of textiles and footwear, which happen to be the leading manufactured items here in Karachi, followed by items such as metal products, food and beverages, paper and printing, wood and furniture, machinery, chemicals and petroleum, leather and rubber, and electrical goods. The city is also the center of about two dozen insurance companies, which plays an important role in the economic development of the country by investing large sums in power development, housing programs, joint-stock companies, government loan securities, and savings certificates, they work with more than twenty-five banks in Karachi all of which have branches throughout Pakistan.
Through all their success there has also been a tremendous amount of chaos in the city of Karachi. In June 2015 there were many
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