What Is College For?

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What Is College For? By Gary Gutting is an analytical article upon the importance of a higher education to the public, he begins by discussing the statistics of what college has deemed worthful to people after their education. It was evident that many found it to be useful later on in life and helped them mature and grow intellectually. Gutting also points out that although many people find themselves to be successful later on after college that not everybody had the same experience, many had to drop out for the fact that a higher education was considered to be too expensive, or dropout rates too high. It is evident that he deems college to be an investment for many people who were fortunate enough to attend, therefore, providing the habits of mind of engagement, persistence, and openness to display how they play key points to the qualifying traits of a college student.
Engagement was a habit of mind this story featured, it was proven to be a main piece as it was highlighted sporadically throughout the text. He indicates many times for the duration of the article that students who were involved with their studies soared in progress and prospered further on in life. “A Pew Research survey this year found that 74 percent of graduates from four year colleges says that their education was very useful in helping them grow intellectually.” (412) He even finds research that shows how it benefitted the students logically. Gutting

emphasized that not only students had to be

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