What Is College For The Quality Of The Students Work?

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Everyone talks about how expensive college is now. How professors don’t care about the quality of the students work anymore. How they find everything they learn boring; and they aren’t paying attention in class. I disagree, if people complain this much about college…. Why do they go? “Nonetheless, there is incessant talk about the ‘failure’ of education” (412) Gary Gutting states in his article “What is College For”. Education isn’t really failing, Gutting is only talking from his perspective in this article, and not the perspective of the actual students who go to college.
When you hear people complain about college, they always sound like it’s the end of their life and they just want to drop out. Every person has the option to not go to college. College isn’t meant for everyone. When I decided to go to college I knew that I had to pay a lot of money to learn and continue my education. I made the choice and knew what the consequences, and sacrifices were that I had to make when I applied. I was okay with it because I knew it would all be worth it in the end. For me personally and where I attend to college it’s not that expensive. Since I do get to live at home, I don’t have to pay for a dorm room; and I was lucky enough to get a scholarship to help pay for my school. It’s hard to be a college student. You’re learning to be independent and pay for your own things. I think it’s important that students get jobs while in college to help support themselves. It can be hard to
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