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Comfort zone is a situation where one feels safe and at ease. It is a type of behaviour that keeps us at a steadily Low anxiety level. Something that we do all the time, like taking the bus to school, watching television programmes and checking out social media platforms are part of our comfort zones. These everyday activities that we are used to will not make us feel anxious and uneasy. We like to stay in our comfort zone even though we are bored of being in the comfort zone. When we see the struggle that others go through to achieve something in life , we will be scared of the numerous challenges that we may face. However, it is important that we leave our comfort zone for self improvement so as to achieve success.

Getting out of our comfort zone is crucial and it will benefit us. One of the benefits is that we will find it easier to push our boundaries in the future. Once we start stepping out of our comfort zone, it gets easier to learn new skills and gain new knowledge over time. To illustrate my point, in order to communicate with my Korean classmate, I tried learning Korean. Although we could communicate in English, I challenged
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Last year, I decided to read a book a moth. This is because reading will increase my vocabulary, helping me to express myself as well as being more open to new ideas and perspectives . When I did not really understand what the text is talking about, I did some research so that I could fully understand the story. Besides that, in order to remember the words which I had newly encountered, I wrote down Nee words into my notebook and reviewed then when I was free. Undeniably, reading helps me brainstorm , see old problems in a new light and tackle the challenges we face with energy. From my experience, the more widely read I am , the more nee , creative ideas I have and the better my writing skills

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