What Is Computer Security?

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WHAT IS COMPUTER SECURITY? The process of preventing and detecting the use of data in the computer by any individuals without authorization is referred to as Computer Security. It is also known as cybersecurity or IT security. It involves the process of protecting computer resources from intruders for their own gains. Anti-virus, firewalls, data encryption, password protection are the main measures that encompass the computer security. It is mainly concerned with four main areas:
1. Confidentiality: It refers to as only authorized users can access the data in the computer.
2. Integrity: It refers to only authorized users should be able to modify the data.
3. Availability: It refers to the data should be available to users when needed.
4. Authentication: It refers to the process by which a system verifies the identity of a user who wishes to access it.
WHY IS COMPUTER SECURITY SO IMPORTANT? Since many of our day to day works depends on the computer, we use them for everything like banking, shopping, chatting, emailing, etc. Although you may not want to maintain your communications top secret, you probably do not want strangers accessing and using your computer. Data present in the computer can be misused by unauthorized intrusions. An intruder can send a forged email, can change the program source code, examine personal information, and attack other computers by using your computer. Malicious intents can also be a factor in computer security. Intruders use your computer
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