What Is Conformity?

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Conformity can be viewed in a positive way in relation to societal norms. At the same time, conformity can also be destructive especially when it comes to decisions made by adolescents. Conformity together with peer pressure happens to be a persistent issue in the society.
Conformity is the tendency of acting according to social norms in the society. This does not involve person judgment or perception as a decision happens to be dictated by groupings. Studies done by psychologists evaluate further studies that offer informative outlook in relation to conformity, together with factors that influence adolescents. Many individuals argue that the tendency of conforming tends to decrease as an individual ages. It is obvious that adolescents together with teenagers happen to be affected more with conformity issues. One of the main common activities that adolescents tend to conform to happens to be substance abuse. Alcohol is one of the common used intoxicants by adolescents in the world. The rates of alcohol use tend to decrease radically during individual teenage years. There are different categories about drinking motives, which stimulate positive mood together with an individual wellbeing to acquire social rewards, as well as attenuating negative emotions.
Thesis statement There is an overwhelming urge to conform to the popular culture among the adolescents. Unfortunately drug abuse has emerged as one…
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