What Is Connie's Harsh Time

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Connie’s Harsh Time
By: Steven Nguyen
Once upon a time there was a little girl named Connie who had a harsh time. Lots and lots of people tried to help her, but they didn’t seem to have any improvement. All Connie was doing was trying to bring her grades up. Connie really could not handle the pace of learning. Mrs.Kiln was her teacher, but she didn’t know how to make Connie learn faster. Mrs.Kiln and Connie knew her grades were going down at a fast pace. At home, she was studying very hard on the computer. On the next day, she met Mr.Eli, he was going to help Connie on her studies. Also, he would say her grades if she asked. When she came to school, she also had a test. Her simple test was: “Okay students, now you have to write a sentence in
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Connie had written this very carefully as she wrote, ‘D moon was jumped over bye the cow’ She had 3 mistakes as they cost 10 points each. “You got a 70 on the test” Mr.Eli said as Connie and Mr.Eli walked to the math class. There she had to do a math problem, ‘1092 - 374 + 432’ She put 1128 as the answer, forgetting to regroup. She got 22 off from the real answer, so she got a 78. Then she had science, she had to spell 3 vocabulary words, which were photosynthesis, condensation, and evaporation. Connie tried really hard as she put, ‘Photosyntesis, condensation, and evapouration’ with 2 mistakes for 10 points each. That night, when she was studying her notebook, she saw a red note put by Mr.Eli. ‘To bring up your grades, you need to find something that you like.’ She already knew what she liked, it was cooking which she tried on summertime. But how could that bring up her grades? That was exactly what she wondered about when she studied. She even almost forgot about her report card! ( Grades, 70-Writing, 71-Reading, 73-Math, and 75-Science). The next day she took second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour until she realized something, she should look in her notebook to find how it helps. When she got to her notebook, Connie
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