What Is Coordination And Coordination

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Coordination is the process of integration of individual parts of the organization’s activity to achieve common goals, coordination is like the addition to the division of labor. This is not true, because when work is distributed, division and break-up of tasks happens, while coordination is an integration of tasks, coordination combines together workers with different but interrelated work tasks in order to achieve the organizational goals, It is important for everyone to realize that while coordinating it is necessary to align all company’s operations so that the company would gain success as soon as possible, proportionally reconcile certain things and activities and to adapt certain measures to achieve the objectives. The causes that give…show more content…
This means that managers are responsible for the fluency of the activity coordination process, they motivate employees so that actions be coordinated with one another, that the division of labor and specialization of tasks splitted into the objectives be achieved, assigned tasks be performed in cooperation due to physical, psychological, cognitive and other personal limitations. The best way of coordination and communication is an interaction when there are no standardized rules. Application of work procedure standardization is guided by specially developed job procedures descriptions, work processes governing documents. Performing a specialist training process and organizing his evaluation or before accepting to work, the essential employee knowledge and skill level is highlighted; it is coordination through standardization of qualifications. It is important to understand that the work can be coordinated in various ways. To achieve this goal, the simplest way of coordination – mutual adaptation, when several commonly working participants, equally understanding the meaning and content of their work, select and carry out the necessary steps to succeed by
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