What Is Creativity?

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Index 1. What is creativity? 3 1.1 Etymology 3 1.2 Definition by Guilford 3 1.3 Creativity and entrepreneurship 4 1. Creativity and innovation 5 2.1 European Year of Creativity and Innovation 5 2.2 Distinction between creativity and innovation 5 2.3 Innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity 6 3. Creativity and the success of enterprise 6 3.1 Freedom versus boundaries 6 3.2 Creativity and the structure of enterprise 7 3.3 Listening to the users 8 4. Conclusions 9 5. References 10

What is creativity? Why is it important in the success of
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The brothers Kellogg found cornflakes haphazardly when they forgot about some cooked wheat. When they found it, it had gone stale. They forced it through a roll, hoping to obtain long sheets of the dough. But what they found instead were flakes, which they toasted (Kellogg Company, 2007: Online). Although their original intention was not to produce cornflakes, personally I think that Guilford´s model is still appropriate, just in a less obvious way. The divergent thinking here lies in the fact that unlike most people, they didn´t throw the bad wheat away and rather decided to work with it. On a later stage they recognized the value of their findings and hence, learned how to use them. This shows the creativity as stated by Guilford. He doesn´t mention intelligence explicitly, neither the capacity of learning and reasoning nor the ability of recognizing important information and making links. Nevertheless it appears clear to me, that this is the basis of his whole concept of creativity. Without this kind of intelligence, the four steps stated above, especially the elaboration of ideas, become impossible.

1.3 Creativity and entrepreneurship
Translated from its French roots, entrepreneur means “one who undertakes”. The Oxford English Dictionary (2008) defines entrepreneur „a person who attempts to profit by risk and initiative“. Entrepreneurs do this by exploiting some form of change and shifting resources
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