What Is Crohn’S Disease?. Crohn’S Disease, Also Known As

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What is Crohn’s Disease? Crohn’s disease, also known as Regional enteritis or Regional ileitis, is an inflammatory bowel disease that is with the patient for their entire life. With Crohn’s, parts of the digestive system develop ulcers which are deep, inflamed sores (Healthwise Staff, 2014). These ulcers can cause excruciating pain for the patient. Normally, the small intestine and the first part of the large intestine are the affected areas of Crohn’s disease, but may develop anywhere in the digestive track (Healthwise Staff, 2014). Inflammation caused by this disease normally spreads deep into the affected layers of bowel tissue causing pain and may lead to life-threatening problems (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2017). Crohn’s disease causes…show more content…
Diarrhea is common for those affected by Crohn’s disease, and the cramping also contributes to loose stools. Fever and fatigue are likely experienced because of inflammation or infection, which also causes the patient to lose energy. Abdominal pain and cramping is caused by the inflammation and ulceration affecting the normal movement of nutrients through your digestive system. The mouth sores that are a possible symptom may be very similar to canker sores. With the pain and cramping and the reaction in the wall of the bowel can affect the appetite and the ability to digest the food taken in (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2017). All patients who are affected by Crohn’s may not experience all of these symptoms, but they vary from patient to patient.
Causes for Symptom Flare Ups Symptoms may worsen if the person has any of the following factors in their life. If they take certain medications it could cause the symptoms to become worse for a period of time. If the person develops an infection, have hormonal or lifestyle changes, or takes up smoking, the symptoms may become worse. The person should try to avoid these if possible so that they don’t experience worse pain (Healthwise Staff, 2014).
Diagnostic Information When one goes into
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