What Is Cross-Curricular Approaches?

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Evaluation and analysis of creative approaches and teaching strategies that can support and enhance the teaching of thinking and learning
In relation to transforming society in twenty – first century education, Steiner’s theory of education focuses on teachers developing the innate potential that every child has. This can be achieved if the Curriculum allows students’ creativity, individual expression and exploration (Sellars, 2014). The NC (DfE, 2014, pg. 6) which ‘helps engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement’ is a framework document which supports teachers to plan lessons using statutory and non – statutory guidelines. By engendering an appreciation of human creativity and achievement, teachers can work towards ensuring children make progression across all subjects. The concepts suggest that pupils are capable
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The first issue to be considered relates to teachers planning cross – curricular approaches in lessons. Many theorists hold the belief that links between certain subjects are increasingly easier to make than those with other subjects. For example, links between science and design and technology might be more achievable whereas it might be more difficult to make links between geography and music (Hayes, 2010). Even if the links are made educators might imply that it is too difficult to achieve subject progression when cross – curricular links are planned so that creative outcomes can be achieved (Barnes, 2011). Teachers might bear this in mind however it is good practice to make these cross – curricular links as creativity can be promoted. Cross – curricular approaches should be adopted for several reasons, especially to meet the diverse needs of children who struggle in certain subjects. Thinking and learning can be enhanced by choosing a theme which can lead to cross – curricular links as shown in the
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