What Is Curriculum

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What is curriculum?
1. Curriculum is a complex term; it can be broad or narrow. Curriculum is a set of broad decision about what is to be taught and how it is taught, that determine the general frame within which lessons are planned and learning take place (Farrant ,M A p.12). Curriculum is seen as the education umbrella of national education that includes the lessons, the timetable and the academic content prescribed by the national education department in schools or program over several years. The curriculum compromises opportunities for learning provided by schools and establishes quality relationship of what is learnt and what operates outside the school. It guides learning experience designed to facilitate students learning to develop quality education system. Narrow view of curriculum can be a course of study or different subjects offered in schools
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Children are learning culture of because it is integrated whereby cultural day is celebrated each year at school. Parents meeting are done termly and they are informed of what is happening at school through letter writing. The relationship between the principal within teachers, learners and the regional office is very strong. There is always informative briefing every morning. The academic, social, and behavioral expectations established by schools are communicate to learners on Monday morning at the assembly. Cultural perspectives is practices at our school because learners are recognized, integrate, or honor diversity and multicultural perspectives which may convey both intentional and unintended messages to learners. Some schools may expect everyone to communicate in English only while other schools, however, may actively integrate or celebrate the multicultural diversity of the student body by inviting students and parents Community members are always involved in the
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