What Is Cynergy Is A Telecommunications Expense Management

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Cynergy is a Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) company which allows clients to attain significant financial benefits by capitalize on telecom efficiencies. We were born out of the telecom deregulation in the 1990’s, we have quickly grown to provide complete telecom management for clients across a wide expanse of industries. We are able to achieve an average of 25% telecom savings for our clients through precise, pro-active management of client’s everyday telecom needs to include local, long distance, data, internet, and mobile devices. Our expertise, industry experience, and trademark software, all combine to provide its clients with industry leading telecom solutions to meet ever increasing demands. The staff here at our…show more content…
With a client base that cuts across many of our country’s largest sectors, we have expanded an understanding of what works, and what doesn’t within various industries. From job costing and approvals in the construction sector, to 24 hour support within the logistics space, we know and understand that your organization is unique, and our entire team is committed to creating simplified solutions that avoid the temptation of using cookie cutter templates that worked for someone else years ago. With the help of Cynergy, we are able to maintain an accurate inventory of all the network elements in your organization including server, wiring panels, laptops, cell phones and others. Also, using us it is possible to estimate future network costs by building the telecom budget and cost centers in advance. Another advantage of the telecom expense management is that it enables us to identify the issues in the security infrastructure, thereby optimizing the existing network infrastructure. According to Amily Buston blog, the increasing adoption of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is one of the major factors impacting the growth of telecom expense management market. Majority of the employees today are taking the advantage of mobile phones and other portable devices in keeping themselves connected with the corporate network. This is also encouraged
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