What Is Dante's Inferno

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Dante Alighieri – Inferno
Inferno begins in the year 1300 and follows Dante Alighieri who finds himself lost in a thick forest. In the distance he sees a mountain that the sun illuminates. As he reaches the mountain he runs into trouble, but is saved by the ghost of the Roman poet, Virgil. Virgil leads him safely through the trouble and tells him he was sent by Dante’s lost love Beatrice who is waiting for him in heaven. They soon enter the Ante-Inferno for those whose souls could not commit to good or bad. Then they follow a tumultuous journey through the nine circle of hell and meet Lucifer. Eventually they reach the river of forgetfulness and leave Hell to emerge onto Earth on Easter morning.
When first reading about this book it seems like it could enthrall the reader and have them thinking about their own life. It is riddled with symbols and persons one would have to have some sort of prior knowledge about. Overall, it is a book that would take some time to read but would leave me happy I could have not only understood it but analyzed it in some way.
Douglas Adams – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
This book follows Arthur Dent, the last surviving man of the Earth, and his alien best friend, Ford, on a journey. He then finds out aliens named Vorgons have demolished Earth to make way for an intergalactic
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One day a Mrs. Whatsit enters her life that talks about a tesseract that allows travelling through time by creating a wrinkle time. Mrs. Whatsit Meg along with her brother a friend and others travel through time to other planets different than Earth. The plant Camazotz, one where everybody is the same is where they find their father, and Meg must find a way to rescue him. She eventually figures out she has one thing that the people of Camazotz do not have and that is love. She saves her family this way and they return safely back to
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