What Is David Hasselhoff Ever Done

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David Hasselhoff is one of the most known faces throughout the world for his performance in countless movies over the years. Hasselhoff is most well known from His show “Baywatch”. He has also starred in Click, Dodge ball, and Fugitives Run to name a few ( But, for those who do not know, Hasselhoff was also a singer. This week I decided to do my listening log on Hasselhoff’s live performance at the Berlin Wall in 1989. I chose this because it is iconic. Hasselhoff’s singing performance at the Berlin Wall is definitely the most significant song performance he had ever done. David Hasselhoff’s performance at the Berlin Wall is on video on, this is where I watched it. For his performance he sang one of his recorded songs “looking for freedom” on New Year’s eve 1989, just weeks after the wall started being tore down ( He wore a piano-keyed scarf and a light-up jacket. His performance was good for the event. He played the part well, being over joyed and enthusiastic as most everyone there in the crowd…show more content…
A few weeks later, a German version of the song came out and was performed by Tony Marshall. Both versions were recorded at Hansa Studio 2 in Berlin ( so that makes three versions of the same song, but hands down Hasselhoff’s version was undoubtedly the most significant historically. The song is very upbeat all throughout. Hasselhoff is the leading voice in the song, but you can hear what sounds like a choir joining in with Him at different parts of the song. This song gets you motivated as it repeats the same few words, “I’ve been looking for freedom.” Each time Hasseloff says these words, they come out just as heartfelt and passionate as when he started the song. He was the right choice for this song and moment because of His strong voice and powerful
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