What Is Dehumanization In The Book Night

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“Humankind struggles with collective powers for it’s freedom, the individual with dehumanization for the possession of his soul”(Sould Bellow). Night is by Elie Wiesel and it’s about how they Eli needs to survive in the camp and how his dad struggles at the end. There Is dehumanization by how they hang people. The dad was being hit and beat and Eli just started as It happened like nothing bad was happening to his dad also people were being starved and the food they got was to little for them. Dehumanising,It was how they hanged people for cruelty. They did It to show how powerful they seem and have them scared so they won’t rebel against them.”The night the soup tasted like corpses”(62). It proved how they hanged people affected…show more content…
It proves how they didn’t anything to be inhuman to Jews as long as it meant they were in pain and suffering and they had to work a lot more than they should have for them to survive. In conclusion jews just had the worst life ever and death seem like a better choice for them. What kids had to watch, kids were the ones who were the ones who had it worst as they lived in the camps by watching how their parents would get beat and they couldn’t do anything help or defend themselves. It was horrible how they made kids watch what happened how they made there own kids turn on there parents so they can just get a little piece of food.”My father had been struck before my eyes and I had did nothing”(37). It shows how living in a camp really changed people and usually traumatized there kids. In conclusion, they were scaring the kids and made them lose hope and trust to their own themselves. In Conclusion,hangings starvations,pain,and fear were in the camp all the time and no matter how hard you tried to escape it you couldn’t and you could only get used to it or die.There meaningful because it shows how the world was and how people were doing that and what people would do and how cruel our society can
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