What Is Descartes Argument Against Trusting The Mind

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Descartes argument against trusting the senses is not valid. From a physical perspective, is difficult to justify how a person should never trust all their senses. We are in part physical beings in bodies with five senses that guide us through life experiences.
The argument to support that Descartes can doubt he has a body, but cannot doubt he exist as a mind (thinker) seems to be a partial or incomplete argument. We are human bodies with five senses: touch, smell, sight, and sound that guide us through life experiences and give us tangible existence to the world around us. These senses create messages, memories, and hormonal receptors to our brains that define our perception of being alive in tangible way.
I think as Descartes began to explore in Meditation two that the mind is more known than the body he found that it is impossible to
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I would imagine that this is some sort of spiritual awakening. I believe that we are a three part being as described in 1 Thessalonians 5:23 (cite bible). We are spirit beings, which is our deepest hidden core of our design to commune with God, a soul that embodies our will, mind, imagination and emotions that allows us to think, reason, and feel, and a physical body from flesh and blood that is connected to our senses.
A reasonable person may disagree and say that our senses can deceive us. I would agree that at times there are reasons to distrust our senses. Pain, perceptions, negative influences of drugs, spiritual influences, and illusions that trick our eyes are part of deception. An example, is when person watches the news and believes everything the media portrays. If minorities are always in light of bad news and there is no personal relationships with minorities, then your senses will perceive that all minorities are bad. Physical sense such as touch, can let you know if dangerous or an expression of
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