What Is Digital Media Convergence

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In this essay I am going to have an in-depth look at the question “what is digital media convergence”, not just a simple answer of what it is because the question may seem simple but in digital media convergence there are several underlying convergences which make up the whole idea, in this essay I am going to try and cover what these are and what effects technologically, socially and culturally they are having on us. First of what is Digital media convergence? It can be simplified as several processes, these are technological, social, industrial and cultural convergence. It also means the digitizing of old media so it can be incorporated into new media. Old and New Media Old media is the idea of mechanical and analogue methods of conveying media while new media is the idea of digital and binary ways of conveying media. For example if you look at the old media newspaper it was a psychical object of the days before computer technology but has now been digitized into the new media format by being made available to read through digital devices like smartphones and tablets. New and old media are currently living in a mid way state due to its early days, by this I speak of the idea of a digital native and a digital immigrant, it is the idea that some people, the digital natives are born into this world of technology and adopt it as the way of life but to the older generations the digital immigrant technology is still to alien and new to them to adopt, so currently we have
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