What Is Discrimination In The Workplace

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Charlotte Bunch said, "Sexual, racial, gender violence and other forms of discrimination and violence in a culture cannot be eliminated without changing culture" ( Even in the years since Dr. Martin Luther King’s, “I Had a Dream Speech,” society has not changed enough for discrimination to end. Each day gets closer to a discrimination free world, but it has not been completed yet. Discrimination in Mice and Men by John Steinbeck showed plenty of discrimination, just as today does in sports, business, and education.
First of all, Sports shows many examples of discrimination in modern society. For example, women have less of an opportunity to play sports in college. The author states, "Nationwide, female college athletes
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Firstly, a major part of the discrimination in the workplace deals with ageism. The author stated, “According to the Economic Policy Institute, workers over 40 years old are not offered the same promotion opportunities, training, or compensation as younger workers (Stems and McDaniel, 1994)” (“Ageism in the Workplace” 3). Older people are not treated equally in the workplace because of their age not allowing them to progress in the company. Also, older people are not given the same opportunities for jobs. Speaking about older workers, Dennis and Thomas said, the job seekers get shorter interviews, fewer commissions, no “call backs,” and fewer job offers (“Ageism in the Workplace” 3). Older people cannot even get job interviews even if they are qualified just because of their age. Lastly, women’s wages show the disparity between men and women in business. Mary Ann Cooper said, women who work full time year round continue to earn only about 77 percent of what men earn (“Wage Gap for Women” 1). Even though they do the same amount of work that men do, on average they get paid less because of their gender. Discrimination, even after all the years of trying to stop it, still exists in today's…show more content…
For example, students are restricted from worshipping during school. Roleff said, “While the court had no objection to moments of silence, it did object to students being asked or told to pray to themselves during the moment of silence” (Roleff 12). Students are not allowed to pray to themselves when the school has a moment of silence. Also, the students are discriminated against. The author said, public schools split boys and girls into different classrooms (“Single-Sex Schooling” 1). Students are forced to be in different rooms in the school because their gender. Lastly, students race make them discriminated against in education. Patrick McNeil said, “Too often, school districts with higher enrollments of students of color invents thousands of dollars less per student than those districts with predominantly white enrollments” (“New Education Guidance” 1). Rather than schools putting equal money into all students’ success, white students have more money put to their success, compared to colored students. Altogether, discrimination in education
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