What Is Distinctive And Modern Society?

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What is distinctive about ‘modern’ society? Before discussing what is distinctive about ‘modern’ society it is important to get a working definition of what is meant by ‘modern’. Broadly speaking it is when traditional values that would make a traditional society are ‘rejected’. Many contemporary sociologists look at modernity with a classical view taking thoughts from Marx and Durkheim, two theorists that have strong opinions on modernity. Such sociologists as Giddens (2013), whom uses the working definition of modernity as modern institutions that differ from a traditional institution in respect of their dynamism, how much they undercut traditional habits and customs and their global impact, put simply modernity is a post traditional…show more content…
The move from traditional to modern societies for the individual occurred quickly over a single lifetime, which Durkheim believes is a reason for rising anomie, in Europe this occurred in the latter half of the nineteenth century which left many confused causing isolation and anomie, something that Marx and Durkheim believe is a large problem in modern society. Marx urges us to look at mode of production and resultant class relations (Inkles, 1977). Whereby the fundamental changes between men, instruments of production and the materials of production caused society to move from traditional to modern. Here it is vital to look at the concept of Capitalism, whereby alienation and exploitation of the individual are products of the capitalist, and in turn the modern, society. Marx states ‘The worker places his life in the object; but now it no longer belongs to him, but to the object’ (Marx et al., 1988). This means that the individual whom produces the product unlike in a traditional society now cannot reap the rewards from their labour but instead receives merely a portion of the profits. This is due to the fact they do not have the means for production, according to Marx this is what causes workers to feel alienated which can lead to a lack of enjoyment from life and personal fulfilment. Additionally, competition between workers due to mechanization has caused a lack of jobs for workers and the division of labour can cause
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