What Is Dogmatism And Consumer Innovativeness.businesses

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Question 1: There is a number of important influences on buyer behavior.However,the most important influences are dogmatism and consumer innovativeness.Businesses are required to understood these 2 influences in order to gain the attention of the consumers. Firstly, dogmatism is a trait in consumers which refers to how open-minded they are.Low in dogmatism consumers are most likely to accept the new products that businesses have for them while high in dogmatism consumers are likely to accept the already established products instead of the new products.People who are below the age of 20 tend to be the low in dogmatism consumers as they are more interested in trying new products which are fascinating to them as well as satisfying their needs.For high in dogmatism consumers, they are those who are above the age of 30 or 40.These consumers already knew which products suits them the best as well as satisfying their needs and they tend to not try some of the new products as there is no trust in the new products and they might be less effective than the already established products. Businesses are required to use advertisement in order to attract both the low and high dogmatism consumers.To attract some high in dogmatism consumers, businesses tend to use some celebrities to advertise their new products which leads to the consumers accepting it and trusting that the new products are able to satisfy their needs.On the other hand,in order to gain attraction of the low in dogmatism
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