What Is Dogtown And Why Has It Started The Skateboarding Revolution?

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What is Dogtown and why has it started the skateboarding revolution? Dogtown is an are of West Los Angeles- the poorer slum area on the south side, it was a territory occupying Santa Monica that covered Venice beach and Pacific Ocean Park beaches started form punk kids wanting to be something. Brain child and photo journalist Craig Stecyk would conceive the right to take photographs which would come to define the Dogtown movement and become the most influential skateboarding team ever assembled. The Dogtown team consisted of 12 members from different areas of West Los Angeles, Shogo Kubo, Bob Biniak, Nathan Pratt, Stacey Peralta, Jim Muir, Allen Sarlo, Chris Cahill, Tony Alva, Paul Constantineau, Jay Adams, Peggy Oki, and Wentzle Ruml.…show more content…
Skip and Craig would hassle, give advise and pat on the backs, he kept them in line. Mainly all he wanted was them to be visible, and there moves to be recognized. The aggressive infused into these young skaters by Jeff Hoe and Skip Engblom would eventually evolve into the enduring Zephyr Organization. What was the Zephyr Team and Zephyr Shop? In 1972, 23 Year old surf shaper Jeff Hoe, 24 year old surf builder Skip Engblom, and 21 year old artist Craig Stecyk join together to form Zephyr Surfboard Production. They scraped together what little cash they had and open up a shop at the corner of Bay and Main Street inVenice California at the heart of Dogtown. They where dedicated to being anti-mainstream and they where proud. Many other surf shops where located around Santa Monica and Venice but they didn’t have the “bad boy image”. Jeff, Craig and Skip had a completely new identity in surfboards. They made the color and the shape, what Jeff was doing was revolutionary. Every board that was comping out has a completely different design from each other which made ever board very unique in there own way.He was exploring all kinds of design concepts that pushed the boundaries of surfboard lines. “We just wanted to create something different from other boards, we where trying to make something new, unique and different” said Jeff Hoe. Inspired by the wall art tradition of local gangs, and the

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