What Is Domino's Commercial

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Advertisement Analysis The domino’s commercial, advertising the tracker for Domino’s, opens up with an iconic character, Ferris Bueller. The ad starring Ferris Bueller puts an overall effect to the ad because in his movies, he is very laid back and a “go with the flow” kind of guy. Most millennials relate to this because that is how they are as a generation. This already has the attention of it’s intended audience, millennials. The commercial begins with Ferris Bueller ordering domino’s through an Amazon Alexa, which is a bluetooth speaker you can connect to your phones and command by saying “Alexa... ”. This magnifies the intended audience because millennials understand new technology. They then go on to show all the different platforms you can order, check out, and track your domino’s. Following the Alexa, they showed you can access domino’s on a smartwatch,…show more content…
This means that anybody with access to those devices can order domino’s anywhere. Most millennials have at least one of the shown devices. This commercial grabbed the attention of its targeted audience millennials in many ways. The technology shown in the advertisement is relatable, accessible, and understood by most millennials. Millennials are very tech savvy and interested in the new uses of technology. Being able to order domino’s from some of the most well-known electronic devices to millennials attracts their attention. Millennials will react positively towards this ad. They can connect with it and Ferris Bueller has very similar values compared to what millennials have today. The Domino’s pizza ad is effective because it introduces a well-known character among millennials giving the ad credibility, and the use of technology which most millennials understand giving the ad something relatable. The ad appeals with emotion both by the music that is
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