What Is Donald Trump's Travel Banned?

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In this argumentative essay I will be arguing why President Donald Trump's travel ban is a good thing and not a racist thing there are many reasons people all over the world and in the United States are trying to fight his ban. Many people are looking at this ban as a racist thing to keep muslims out of America people are assuming it's racist when he hasn't even said anything they judge him for everything he is doing for the United States. “Since 1979 Iran has been accused of supporting terrorism, providing funding,equipment,weapons and training. The U.S. and Iran's relations have been on edge for years. Syria probably one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Struck by a deadly war with terrorism sweeping the country. Recently there…show more content…
Sudan , Sudan has many issues that really aren’t put in the news one issue is they have terrorist training camps within their country. two is that they got out of a war 10 years ago( Sudan honestly don’t think that should be on a list there never in the news but the only reason they should be is because of their terrorist training camps. Libya currently in the middle of a civil war and falling deeper into conflict because of term oil there are different group within libya fighting over land.( Libya has many issues it's just common sense why they should be on the list. Trumps travel ban is a good thing, he is protecting the nation with this travel ban because these countries have terrorists and he is keeping us out of world affairs. In every country that is on trump's travel ban is on for good reasons these countries are in war and terrorism is sweeping their country America is not the only place for these refugees to seek a new life there is many other places for them to go trump is trying to protect the nation's security and the American people from a major threat. honestly , I don't think nothing should be done. I think there should be more countries put on the travel ban list in
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