What Is Drum Major Responsibilities

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Drum Major Responsibilities
•Getting the band out to the rehearsal area, into the proper formation and ready to begin rehearsal.
•Taking the band through warm-up exercises
•Leading the band through practice runs
•Helping rehearsals run smoothly and productively
•Leading the band in performance
•Adding to the overall showmanship of the band during performance with their own performance as the drum major
•Setting the standard for discipline, bearing, and conduct for the members of the band to follow
•Assisting in teaching marching to other members of the band
•Acting as the band’s representative at award ceremonies and special functions
• Don't let other people in your band tell you or your band what to do. You're the one that will have more experience, (the directors put you here for a reason) thus you will probably know better than them. Listen to advice, but make your own decisions.
• Make sure you don't get too power-hungry; remember that being drum major doesn't mean you have to control every minute aspect of your band’s lives.
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There is a fine line between asserting yourself and just being an ass. Remember: A good leader is selfless. Take the blame; give the credit away.

When it comes to leadership, I believe that the style of the Drum Major should be essentially militaristic. If you are unsure what militaristic leadership looks like, feel free to look it up. One major part of it is that you should always be proud, and dignified.
According to the philosophy of militaristic leadership, actions that good leaders should avoid are: Violation of dignity to individuals, multiple uses of mass punishment or ridicule of the members, hurry-up and wait formations, resting before the band (especially when they are working), shirking responsibilities, eating before all others have eaten, favoritism of certain individuals and moral
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