What Is Dry Information

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Wet and Dry Information: “Dry” information, also known as formal information, is non-contextual, unambiguous, standardized, routinized, and is often used to explain how to do certain tasks. “Dry” information is easily replicated and easily transferrable due to it’s universal language among peers. Examples of “dry” information include quantifiable measures, such as, facts, statistics, and routine procedures explaining how to do something. Where as, “wet” information, also known as informal information is developed from social interactions which can often be described as contextual, unorganized, and demonstrating local values. “Wet” information is often used to connect one form of information to another, thus, explaining why it is exactly that we should do certain tasks. Examples of “wet” information include qualitative…show more content…
There are many technological advancements that have come to impact our society and human behavior. For example, prior to the advancement of technology, we as a society used to communicate with one another through personal interactions of through the traditional measures of pen and paper. In contemporary times, due to the advancement of cell phones, we now as a society have conformed to communicate with one another primarily through the use of a cellular device. Another example of how technology has impacted human behavior is how we currently able to gather information. As a society, we used to have to go to the library and look things up by hand, but now, information has become available to us in just a click due to the advancements of computers and the internet. We are also able to gather daily news from around the world through turning on the television or visiting social media sites, such as Facebook and
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