What Is Education Important?

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What is Education

When asking the question 'what is education? ' there can be many diverse and correct answers, this is down to the question being philosophical. To be able to find out what education is, understanding philosophy is can be vital. There are many different definitions of what philosophy is, according to oxford dictionary, they define philosophy as" it 's the use of reason in understanding such things as the nature of reality and existence, the use and limits of knowledge and the principles that govern and influence moral judgement" (Dictionary, 2016). The word philosophy is a geek word with the meaning of ' love of wisdom ', philosophers research meaning of concepts to clarify human nature and knowledge (Bates.J et al, 2009).

Philosophers that look into education ask many questions to get the definition, aims and purposes of what education is (Bates et al, 2009). Besides knowing the definitions of education, philosophers would not define one correct answer to what education is, philosophers ask questions such as 'what is? ' and believe when asking these questions the questioner begins to analyse themselves before being answered (Bailey et al, 2010). However philosophers argue that questions cannot be answered until the questioner has an understanding of 'philosophy '. Basic ideas and concepts such as knowledge, understanding, and truth are all what philosophers look into, by this they explore how we think and assumptions behind out thinking (Bailey.R,

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