What Is Educational Administration?

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What is Educational Administration? - Personal concepts, perceptions and understanding.
Tricia Jollie
EDEA 5290
Wednesday 25 July 2012
Dr. F. James & Dr. A. Joseph

What is Educational Administration? - Personal concepts, perceptions and understanding.
What is Educational Administration? Educational Administration is the management of educational institutions from pre-school through to the tertiary level. It involves the management of all aspects of the educational institution in question – from students and staff, to infrastructure and premises. Educational Administration encompasses all the same functions of Business Administration, namely, planning, organising, staffing, directing, controlling and budgeting. It includes the efficient organisation of people and resources in order to direct a school's activities towards common goals and objectives.
Why is it important? The proper management of an educational
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In times past, teachers have risen through the ranks of their respective schools to reach administrative posts by dint of seniority only. Such scenarios have been hit-and-miss where some administrators have functioned based on sheer experience. While experience is an important factor, without the necessary tools, conceptual frameworks, and contemporary and theoretical knowledge required to lead an educational institution, many administrators manage their schools in an ad hoc manner and may be hard pressed to find positive solutions to problems that will undoubtedly arise. The field of educational administration, therefore, is a critical one since schools (and teachers) are agents of social change. It is critical that those at the helm be properly trained to manage. As the teaching profession itself is constantly evolving, so too must educational administrators be able to evolve and adapt to the dynamic organisation that is the 21st century school.
Educational Administration in 21st century Trinidad and
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