What Is Emotional Reciprocity Between Mother And Child And Why Is It Important?

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Part 5: Emotions (400 words) What is ‘emotional reciprocity’ between mother and child and why is it important? What do you think would happen if there is no, or very limited, reciprocity between mother and child? Lavell and Fogel (Kerawalla (2015) found that by investigating just the gaze and development of an infant’s emotion they could categorise their facial expressions into eight sections, these are the first stages for an infant’s development. They include being natural/ simple, excited, smiling, cooing faces, being able to concentrate, keeping attention and showing signs of astonishment. Emotional reciprocity is believed to have evolved through the years because it is seen as one way humans have been able to survive. A new born…show more content…
One example is when she arrived to collect him form nursery, he was not pleased to see her and did not want to go home. One reason for this could be that when he was a baby a secure attachment was not developed or he lost it once his dad left. Now that he is five this secure attachment could be developing. Words: 407 Part 6: Communication (400 words) What is meant by ‘theory of mind’? Why is it so important in understanding how infants communicate, and how does this relate to the formation of attachments? Why is attachment important in the early years? Gjersoe, N. (2015) says in section 4.2 that ‘theory of mind’ is an easy description of meta-representation. Meta-representation is when a child gains the ability to ‘reflect on their own representation’. Children around the age of three and four years old start to show a significant change in the way they think about others and the actions they make. ‘Theory of mind’ is the phrase used when a child is able to show an understanding that other children and adults sometimes have the same feelings, thoughts and beliefs and that sometimes they have different feelings, thoughts and beliefs. Right from birth babies communicate what it is they need by crying; they cry for food, if they are tired or board, they cry if they are uncomfortable or it they have a wet or soiled nappy

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