What Is Emotional Stability?

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Emotional Stability is considered as the degree to which a person is well adjusted, calm and secure. Emotional stability is the effective determinants of the personality patterns and it also helps in controlling of emotional development. An individual who is capable of controlling emotion in extreme situation is the emotional stable individual. Smitson (1974) said Emotional stability is the process in which the personalities of an individual continuously strive for greater emotional health. Emotional stability is essentially a measure of anxiety versus wellbeing, where emotions are controlled rather than highly variable. Only emotionally stable people can experience true empathy and empathy is a prime requirement for successful interpersonal relationship (Sheema (2005)).…show more content…
They lack the ability to find constructive solution to a problem (Clutterbuck & Lane, 2004), and show their indecisiveness very often. Further, low emotional stability also suggests about an individual’s constant struggle with the feelings of insecurity and self-consciousness (Costa & McCrae, 1992a; Goldberg, 1993). Such people are prone to psychiatric problems. Thus, while lower scores on this factor experience a range of negative emotions, such as stress, anxiety, anger, embarrassment, disgust, guilt and fear (Rothmann & Coetzer, 2003), higher scores on this factor have a tendency to remain self-assured, calm and free from fluctuating and disturbing
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