What Is Environmental Geography? Essay

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Final Exam 1. What is environmental geography? Essentially, environmental geography is the study of the distribution pattern of environments across the earth, how these environments change over time and the reasons for this change, as well as how the activities of humans affect these changes and are affected by them (“A - EG SP16 - What is Environmental Geography”). 2. Briefly discuss the 5 “Human Drivers of Environmental Change” The five “Human Drivers of Environmental Change” are demographic, sociopolitical, economic, technological, and cultural (Middleton 25). Demographic drivers are classified by the population. This includes population size, the structure of a population, where people settle and migrate too, as well as the amount of education in a population (Middleton 26). Sociopolitical drivers are centered around the organization of a society, such as a city, as well as environmental governance. This is the influence that a society’s organization has on the ways people interact with the environment (Middleton 27). Economic drivers are comprised of the growth of economies through the use of local and global resources (Middleton 27). Technological drivers are the developments of new technologies and new scientific discoveries (Middleton 28). Finally, cultural drivers are the influences that a society’s culture has on how people interact with the environment (Middleton 29). I believe that the most important drivers are demographic drivers. The population of the earth
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