What Is Equality In Susan B Anthony's Speech

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From a young age, American students are able to comprehend the idea that our nation’s success tends to center around the equality of the people. History classes have taught us that the less discrimination in this world, the easier a country can succeed. Although the nation continues to fight the war of inequality between its citizens through endless protests and movements, the nation itself has promised equality to all minorities no matter their color or gender. With new laws added to the Bill of Rights, the United States have been able to resolve government issues regarding civil liberties such as freedom of speech, voting regulations and female restrictions that have haunted us from our American past.
Voting, in this day and age, is easily taken for granted by most. When Susan B. Anthony gave her speech in 1873 in the hope of the country bettering their laws to comply with the female population, she knew the nation’s laws complied most with “the white male citizens”(Source E) of the country. Knowing that mistreatment in society was something shared between minorities, Anthony called out the group of people that were treated better than anyone. When speaking to her audience, Anthony uses ethos in her speech in order to make her point clear that withholding women’s civil liberties is wrong. Being a woman in 1873, Anthony faced discrimination in her everyday life; for this reason, she chose to focus on changing not only the country’s social discrimination, but also it’s
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