What Is Ethical Issues In Marketing

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Introduction Business Ethics and Marketing, in this essay I will elaborate on key factors, such as, positive outcomes and negative outcomes of marketing. I will touch on issues that are important in certain aspects of business ethics that derives from marketing as well as the well-being of the community. I will further elaborate on the outcomes of these consequences that have an impact on the people, planet and profit. My judgment of marketing is the systematic series of actions between the service and product with the consumer completing the purchase. Marketing is not all about advertising or distributing flyers. It consists of having the right pricing objective and promotional mix to entice consumers into purchasing the product or service at a reasonable price, and that the promotion is appealing. Ethics in marketing is vital; it compromises on cutting and rising of prices, marketing at selective locations only, and false information of a specific product or service that may cause a bad name to the company’s associations.…show more content…
In the Marketing structure, each candidate offers a particular goal relating to the business model of the product or service, and in what particular manner where the business deal should be executed. Every layer of ethical marketing has dangerous factors that will be elaborated
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