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Ethics is the study of right and wrong conduct. (Ruggiero, 2008) “Over the past few decades, a sizable industry has arisen to serve the demand for ready-made and even customized compositions and term papers. Many students presumably believe there is nothing morally wrong with the practice of buying one of these papers and turning it in to fulfill a course requirement.” (Assignment) Explanation to my friend on the matter: When someone decides to buy a term paper/essay they are buying words that have been already written and published by the original author without citing that original author and passing the work off as their own, this is called plagiarism. “Once ideas are put into words and published, they become intellectual property,…show more content…
“Consequentialist theories (ends-based) emphasize the good that result from human actions: the pleasure, wealth, or happiness that might come about as a consequence of our individual actions or social policies.”(Lecture) With this ethic view point, it is about the person thinking about what outcomes they wish to have achieved after making the decision. I love this theory for this situation because it is trying to get people to think positive about their own choices by imagining the positive outcome they could have if they make the ethical choice. In this situation, a student who uses this theory and imagines the rewarding boastfulness of creating their own ideas and their own paper will “consequential” achieve that if they continue to think how proud of their paper and themselves if they write their own paper and receive a good grade. I believe Aristotle would have approved of both of my solutions for mainly the reason of his theories about ethics. “Socrates proposed a list of four "cardinal virtues:" wisdom, courage, temperance, and justice. Aristotle later expanded the list.” (Ruggiero, 2008) Therefore they shared these beliefs and virtue that “habits of character so that a virtuous person matures to live an ethical life.” (Ruggiero, 2008) I think he would have agreed to my ideas to make ethical decisions by

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