What Is Ethics in Business

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What is Ethics in Business?
In general, personal ethics can be described as the moral guidelines each of us uses in our daily lives. It is these guidelines which govern how we behave including how we speak and act towards others in our everyday interactions no matter if they are face to face, by way of telephone or in writing. Much the same can be said for ethics in business. Business ethics are the moral philosophies and written rules of conduct which govern how the business treats not only its own employees but also how the business handles its daily dealings in everything ranging from bookkeeping and accounting to advertising and customer relations. Our text for this class, Marketing, The Core describes ethics as “the moral principles and values that govern the actions and decisions of an individual or group” (pg.69), and refers to ethical business practices many times throughout the book.
Business ethics rely on the moral values of both individuals and groups of individuals since in many cases, decisions which can affect the business can be, and are made by both. Company officers, managers, management teams, supervisors and employees alike all routinely make decisions on a daily basis, which can have a profound effect on many facets of a company including overall production, employee morale and even internal or public image. Typically a company will establish a moral identity over a period of time, and employees that come and go from the business over its lifetime are

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