What Is Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM)?

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Evidence-based medicine (EBM) is a methodical manner in which to treat clinical issues successfully by employing the following three key ingredients: elite research evidence, clinical expertise and patient values (Akobeng, 2005a; Schardt & Mayer, 2010). As a result, quality of care will be hopefully administered and achieved. Furthermore, EBM adheres to a five-step model: 1) create answerable clinical questions, 2) seek for evidence, 3) assess for significance, worth and legitimacy, 4) obtain evidence that EBM was utilized in a clinical setting, and 5) assess its performance (Akobeng, 2005a).
The first step involves creating a well-defined and direct question which can be solved by searching the medical literature. Sackett and other researchers
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• Did the trial desist early?
• Was there an intention to treat? (Schardt & Mayer, 2010). The fourth step ascertained if the evidence supported the patient’s values and situation. The evidence such as treatment, costs, and facility locations must be discussed amongst the physicians, patients and parents if applicable to allow them the opportunity to reach an informed decision. “This approach allows a “therapeutic alliance” to be formed with the patient and the parents and is consistent with the fundamental principle of EBM: the integration of good evidence with clinical expertise and patient values” (Akobeng, 2005a).
Finally, the fifth step entails constantly reviewing the previous four steps to determine if they need improvement. This may be determined by conducting an audit (Akobeng, 2005a).
I think that evidence based medicine acknowledges that research is always evolving; thus, EBM protocols may have to be revised later on. It must comprise of patient values, research, and clinical expertise. Treating patients should not be based only on the best evidence. It should also include clinicians’ personal experience, judgment, and skills (Akobeng,
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