What Is Family Bias In The Family

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The biases and stereotypes that are still with me today are the emotions,on no occasion being sufficient for my husband’s family or being the black sheep of my family for not following the rules of their culture. My husband’s family culture came from West Virginia which they quickly changed their culture and became the social society leaders. For example, my husband’s sister had a daughter getting married, which all the men in my husband’s family were not invited all the sisters were invited. My husband’s brothers all own their businesses and are married to women who are southern. The sisters all married men who have wealthy families. The wedding was black tie and no children allowed under the age of eighteen at the wedding or reception. I recognize that must hurt their feelings. The daughter was the same age as our daughter which she was not invited. My husband’s family changed their schema into social leaders. I am not a part of the dominant culture in which I grew up. Girls married at the age of sixteen and did not finished their education. We did not divorce in the family. Girls wore dresses and boys could wear whatever they wanted to wear. We were not allowed to speak unless spoken to or we would receive a lashing. I worked for my education and remarried and have been married for almost thirty years. My family believes I forgot my family culture and am not ask to any family events. I am a southern woman with an education and believe children should not
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