What Is Feasibility?

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As a business analyst, the approach I would take to identify what the business need is, first I would gather information about the technical feasibility. Which will help me to figure out if I can build the system or not. Second, I would consider about the economic feasibility, which means I have to consider the fact if I do build the system who is most likely to use it. Lastly, the organizational feasibility which includes the information on how will this system bring profit to the business. Identifying any problem, the business maybe facing, and how often do they face it. Who their customers are and how can I improve the service. What are some of the major complaints the business has, and what are the ways I can improve it. What are some…show more content…
That one technique that I found the least effective is survey. Surveys are not an ideal way to gather information because it tends to be very subjective. Survery is very limited to the amout of opions one can select, and it can be unrelatatable to the person who is taking it. Survery can be quite unreliable source. The questions in the survery could not be approcaite to the business suituation. People could be dishonest when taking the survey and not really care about the consiqences. Questions in the survery might be hard to anaylz or it could be misunderstood. People could also skip through questions they don’t want to answer or just not answer any at all. Surverys can be lenghty and time consuming. It could be hard at times to get participes to do the survery.
In my opinion, use cases are very useful because they give analyst a better understanding of what the system is and what the system should do. Use Case helps anaylst to know who is using the website and what the users want to do. It helps to break the barreir between the users and the anaylst by perceptive users requirement. Use Case is a great way to help advance the system. I might make Use Case study use better by making the format a lot easier to understand. Always have varity of solution, write them down and pick the one that is is more accessible for the users. Focus on the key problems and help users by resloving the

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