Essay on What Is Feudal Warfare

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War & Society in Europe Midterm There were a number of conditions that would lead to the emergence of “feudal warfare” in the early Middle Ages and there would be an equal number that would lead to its decline in the later middle ages as well yet to find the meaning of “feudal warfare” one has to look first at where this notion came from, and that was Feudalism. Feudalism was a contrasting system dealing with political and military relationships existing among members of the higher social class, Kings, Lords and other owners of large lands in Western Europe during the Middle Ages. The Feudal system started by the granting of fiefs, chiefly in the form of land and labor, in return the lord would receive political and …show more content…
While the Magyars would avoid pitch battles as much as they could they would still win one major battle on the River Brenta (Keegan). Yet even though they would make it as far as France in the end they stood no chance against the organized Armies raised by the Feudal lords. One of the more difficult threats that faced early feudal warfare and would later on lead to the decline of it was the threat from across the ocean. This threat turned out to be the Vikings from Scandinavia starting in the early 800s they too were like the Huns employing hit and run tactics but they were able to move further and with more mobility striking from what is now Denmark and Norway they were able to sail far inland to the heart of Europe. They posed a major threat to every other group the feudal style armies of Europe had not seen tactics like this before. While these invades played a role in the prevalence of Feudal war they are also connected to the decline of it, even at the height of its power "feudal warfare" would not have the resources or proper bureaucracy, or the ability to raise funds. This would lead to a bad economic situation and after multiple invasions it would be impossible to field armies based on the feudal system. As mentioned by Keegan “Military means alone could not have sufficed to contain the devastations wrought by the various raiders of the night and tenth centuries." It was evident
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