What Is Flipped Learning Or Flipped Classroom?

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1. INTRODUCTION Griffith University is an institution which educates and qualifies students from all over the world in their corresponding disciplines. With increase in technological innovation and information sharing the institution is now implementing flipped learning or flipped classroom to improve the quality of education provided to the students (Hennick, 2014). This change is just a part of the various changes faced by the universities today such as increased national competition, uncertain international environment, declining resources from government, ranking, quality assurance and multiple campuses. Flipped learning is a form of learning in which students learn from contents which are posted online as video lectures or PowerPoint presentation (LaFee, 2013). Students learn from the online content at home, and then discuss and enhance their knowledge in class instead of attending lecture. By this form of learning students get personalized guidance and interaction from teachers in the class (Hennick, 2014). Successful implementation of flipped learning is subject to various stakeholders who are all involved in the teaching process. Therefore flipped classroom implementation is affected by many factors by different stakeholders and this analysis shall look at it from development of out of class perspective. 2. ANALYSIS OF STAKEHOLDERS 2.1 Identification The importance of stakeholders cannot be overestimated in any business analysis. Their involvement can determine the
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