What Is France's To Love Unconditionally Against All Odds?

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To Love Unconditionally Against All Odds
An analysis of the relationship between Christianity and Family during the Middle Ages in Marie De France: Milun. From the story Milun, the author Marie De France gives us an insight of what it was like to have an illegitimate relationship during the Middle Ages when it was strongly frown upon because it went against Christian values but also the strong love they had that could not be broken between them. The author criticizes the premarital sex of Milun and his mistress, having an illegitimate child as a result but also their love, symbolized by a ring. In the Middle Ages premarital sex was considered as immoral and a sin. The author brings to attention the ancient customs that condemns illegitimate relationships. As his mistress quote would” be grievously punished: tortured by the sword or sold into slavery in another land” (De France 144). This showed how greatly the wrongdoing was taken, just like a crime would have. After they had discovered that his mistress was with child “she immediately felt she had lost her honor and her good name” (De France 144). This was because it was a dishonor to have a child outside of marriage, as it is a sin in the Christian faith. In the story the mistress “laid the child in a little cradle, wrapped in a white linen cloth; beneath his head they placed a fine pillow and over him a coverlet, hemmed all around with marten fur”. This is similar to a reference in the bible when
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Milun on the other hand “was a very respectable man himself as he was a dubbed knight, an undefeated knight who was generous, strong, courteous and proud” (De France 143). Many loved him and he too would be in shame if news broke that he had an illegitimate
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