What Is Freedom

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Freedom, to many people does not necessarily mean they are free. There are many degrees and definitions of freedom throughout the history of America many different races, genders, and ethnicities experienced. The varieties of freedom come from multiple groups of people such as slaves, indentured servants, Native Americans, property owners, and Puritans. All of these groups had their own definition of freedom they experienced, ranging from little to no freedom, freedom from the land they possessed, and the freedom to worship any God they so choose. However, some of these freedoms conflicted with the freedoms of others. First and foremost, there were many groups of people who had little to no freedom in seventeenth – century North…show more content…
In the American colonies, if such person was a property owner they were considered to be the most well off people as far as freedom goes. During the seventeenth century most of the thirteen colonies were established and voting within those colonies was considered a luxury. Voting was a freedom all property owners were given to contribute their say in how a colony should operate. Men who owned property was the prerequisite to be able to vote in British – American colonies. This was to ensure that men who possessed an economic stake in society and the independence of judgment determined the policies of government in the colonies. So a man with property in the seventeenth – century was known to have the amount of freedom desired by all people because they had the most say in how American colonies ran. Finally, the final type of freedom many people desired in seventeenth – century North America was the freedom of religion. This group of people included people like the Puritans. The pilgrims were the first group of Puritans that migrated to North America. These pilgrims sought out the freedom to worship their religion without any criticism. The Puritans before they landed drew up the “Mayflower Compact” which established the laws which the people of the colony would have to abide by. The freedom of
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